Sports Injuries



The worst thing in the world when you are training hard is to sustain an injury.

Just when you were so close to achieving your sporting or fitness goal injury ‘strikes’.

Sometimes resting for a few days or a week is all your body needs but often it needs more help to make a quick and full recovery and allow you to return to sport ASAP.

Sometimes the problem can be that you rest and feel better but when you return to sport/exercise your pain returns. There is nothing more frustrating when you feel like you have done ‘all the right things’. A review by a Physiotherapist can pinpoint why healing hasn’t taken place and where exactly the problem is. Then you can be guided as to how to safely return to exercise.

Another common sporting problem is an injury due to overuse of some muscles through training incorrectly or not doing enough conditioning and flexibility alongside your sports-specific training. A physiotherapist can assess you and show you how to train smarter to make sure you are using your body to the best of its ability.

Fiona has worked with many weekend warriors and high level athletes and regularly treats gym fanatics, cyclists, runners, dancers and gymnasts.

Running and Cycling biomechanical Assessments

Cycling assessmentRunning and Cycling Biomechanical Assessments

Movement analysis for the weekend warrier to the professional athlete

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