mummyMOTThe MummyMOT is a postnatal 6-week check that tests the muscles of the tummy and pelvic floor. Performed by a Specialist Women’s Health physiotherapist it is recommended for all women after having a baby.

Advice on safe exercises are given as well as the best postnatal exercises.

After having a baby, most women have a weakness in either the tummy and/or pelvic floor which then creates instability and poor core strength. The result can cause back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness. But all of these can be resolved with early detection and an appropriate treatment plan.

At your 6 week GP check-up, the focus is often on how well your baby is doing but before you start exercising it’s best to check that everything is working as it should be.

During the MummyMOT assessment, the Physio will check your tummy to see that the muscles have recovered; check your pelvic floor is healed and back to functioning normally; analyse your posture (as this will have changed greatly during the pregnancy and doesn’t always resolve without some help).

It’s advisable to have your tummy gap and pelvic floor tested soon after your 6 week check to avoid any long-term childbirth related complaints and enable you to get back to feeling like you again.

The MummyMOT:

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist
  • Ideally at 6 weeks and beyond
  • Checks pelvic floor recovery, tummy gap and posture analysis
  • Assesses any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
  • Recommends a bespoke postnatal recovery programme, looking at posture, breathing and core activation