Aquatic Physiotherapy

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Imagine you’ve just had surgery to fix a break in your leg.

You’re hobbling around on crutches, unable to fully weightbear, your shoulders and hands hurt from using the elbow crutches, your leg is throbbing, and now even your good leg is getting painful!


You’re coming to see a physiotherapist for exercises- but everything just hurts, it hurts to bend your leg, straighten your knee, put any weight on that leg. Isn’t there an easier way you say to yourself?

Everything’s just too painful, and you feel like you’re just not getting anywhere.


You ask yourself, what if this early stage of your physiotherapy rehab could be different?


Now close your eyes and imagine you are relaxing in a pool of warm water, every movement you make is supported by the buoyancy of the water and your life seems to tick by a little slower as each movement is slower in the increased density of being surrounded in a liquid.


Your pain is reduced since you’re not weight bearing fully and the warmth of the water is relaxing your sore and achey muscles, and the swelling which has been building up around your joint is naturally being pulled away because of the hydrostatic pressure.


Now think about how much easier it would be to do your physiotherapy exercises in the water. An aquatic physiotherapist can treat you in a heated pool, in a one-on-one session, treatment can involve both hands –on techniques and specific therapeutic exercises tailored for your body and the goals you wish to achieve. with specific exercises, just like you would get in the clinic