The importance of good posture

Pilates standing posture


What is the cause of a lot of head aches, neck pain, shoulder and back pain?

Poor posture.


What makes a dress not fit right, or the straps of a top fall off your shoulders?

Poor posture.


What makes your shoes wear in one place more than the rest?

Poor posture.


Why do we get poor posture?

Think about how you spend your day, after driving to work in your car, you sit at your desk and work the whole day, you get home from work exhausted and after dinner you relax watching the TV. Where has your body been all day? Hunched over, that’s where.

We have repetitive lives, our body gets into bad habits, some muscles stretch too much and others tighten up and shorten.


How can I improve my posture?

Have a physiotherapist analyse your posture, they can then prescribe gentle stretches and exercises to move the joints and lengthen the tight muscles, specific exercises to strengthen the weakened muscles. They can also teach you good sitting, standing, and movement patterns and positions.


Why good posture?

Posture is who we are, how we move, without it all movement is unduly laboured and we are at greater risk of injury. Good posture reduces head aches, mechanical spinal or limb pain.


If you’re not sure how your posture rates, then take a look at a photo of yourself- taken from a distance, when you didn’t realise it was being taken- have you got the body position you want other people to see? Because that isn’t just a bad photo, that is how you stand most of the time, your natural body posture, when you’re not thinking about it.


If not, maybe you should think about getting an assessment to start you towards the body you want to have.