Women’s Health Testimonials

I recently visited Fiona as I saw from the Howard Clinic leaflet that Fiona specialised in women’s health problems. Due to an early onset of the menopause I began to suffer from stress and urge incontinence. I had hoped the problem would go away of its own accord but unfortunately it gradually got worse. When the problem first started I approached my doctor who referred me to an NHS specialist. Sadly the specialist just sent me away with a leaflet to read. I tried to do the exercises from the leaflet but saw no progress so consequently gave up. I felt very disillusioned by this and ignored my condition for the next few years until the problems started to really impact my everyday life. At this stage I decided I would tackle the problem head on and decided to seek Fiona’s help via physiotherapy.   Fiona explained the anatomy of my problems and helped me understand what I needed to do. I was shown what exercises to perform and very importantly I was shown how to do them properly and how to make them part of my everyday life.
As well as my pelvic floor exercises, I was also given simple brain teaser exercises to help with my urge incontinence which had immediate impact. After 4 visits to Fiona I have seen an amazing transformation and I am now pleased to say that I can now even do “star jumps” again! This is something I had avoided for years! Fiona has a very gentle approach and if you choose to have an examination then this is carried our very discreetly respecting your privacy. Personally I felt it was very important to do this as Fiona was able to tell you if you were doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly.   There is certainly a correct way to do the exercises and without professional help most of us do them incorrectly which is a waste of time and effort.
I am very pleased that I took the initial steps to make an appointment with Fiona and I would recommend anyone with a similar problem to do the same. I am delighted with my progress which is progress I would never have made without Fiona’s help, guidance and support. The problems with my incontinence were starting to negatively impact my daily life and I did worry that things were only going to get worse. I am now very pleased to say that my pelvic floor is back to normal and life is now so much easier.
Thank you Fiona for helping me make this transition and for giving me a much better quality of life.
SD August 2013

 Aquatic Physiotherapy Testimonials

Thank you very much for helping me recover from my injury.
Your positive and supportive methods helped me recover much faster than I ever thought I would.
When I would be scared of pain you were able to reassure me and make the exercises I had to do less daunting.
I would also like to thank you for …..use of the hydro pool. This helped me enormously and I can put no price on how it aided my recovery.
Dan, December 2014


Dear Fiona

I can never thank you enough for those two blissful hydro sessions you gave me following my knee replacement. If I had been living in the area you would have been seeing me again!….My consultant seems pleased with my progress… Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send such clear laminated exercise instructions, so very kind of you- and so important…..

Peggy, Jan 2014


Physiotherapy Testimonials

A note to thank you for all the work you have done on my shoulder. I can nearly get my arm up my back… but the most important thing is it doesn’t hurt!!…. I must thank you for your sympathy and help during last year.

Jenny, Jan 2014


I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your care and attention during my recovery. you have been more than just my physio- you have recognised my worries and my needs and given me tremendous confidence to re-build my fitness. You have been truly amazing. Thank you.

Carole, Dec 2014


As a 57 year old male working in IT industry I had developed some chronic problems with my back.  I’ve been very impressed by Fiona, both for her ability to provide short term relief and also her great skill in creating a customised program of exercises which have allowed me to self-help for the rest of my life.  There has been a noticeable improvement, I’ve lost the pain and I know how to keep it away!  Fiona listens very carefully to her clients, so that she targets the right areas first time and has been incredibly patient in guiding me to perform the exercises correctly.  A very positive experience, focused on my long term improvement – I’d highly recommend Fiona!

Anthony, Sept 2014


Pilates Testimonials

Our thumbs up to bums up inspiration! We will all miss you terribly in teh equipment class from the bum squeezes, kind encouragement and eagle eyes for the cheating moves. Thank you for your expertise and support.

Sue, Kylie, Dorta and Anna, June 2012


Thank you for showing me how to enjoy Pilates in your wonderful cheerful caring way. I never thought I’d be able to put on my pants on without leaning on something or sitting down, thanks to you I can do that now and many other things.

Dorte, 2012


Thank you for going above and beyond so many times

Kylie, 2012

Aquatic Physiotherapy Testimonials