Running and Cycling Biomechanical Assessments

Running side angleRunning and cycling biomechanical assessments are key for preventing injuries, permanently overcoming overuse syndromes and improving performance.

A running analysis involves:

Runner racing

  • Questioning to determine the runner’s aim and or injury profile
  • Analysis of running technique on a treadmill

Following this analysis specific drills and technique cues are prescribed to maximize the runners efficiency and/or minimize abnormal stresses through the runners body to decrease pain and injury.

Come prepared in normal running attire with running shoes and any inserts/orthotics.



A cycling assessment involves:

  • questioning to ascertain the cyclists aims and/or injury profile
  • a biomechnical assessment of the cyclists bodyIMG_4443
  • analysis of cycling technique on their bike mounted on a wind trainer
  • measurement of critical bike set up parameters

From the analysis technique cues and specific exercises are prescibed as necessary. As required adjustments are made to the bike set-up.

Come prepared in normal cycling atttire and bring your bike and cycling shoes